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Welcome to the Parent/Carer section of the Your Choice in Medway website.

The aim of these pages is to provide you with information and guidance that will help your support your young person in making the decisions about their future that are best for them.

There are so many opportunities and options that young people have in terms of education, employment and training and it can seem a little bit confusing about what’s what.  By using these pages you will be better informed and be able to know what exists and who to speak to.

How to use the website

There are a number of sections on the parent/carer section offering advice for parents depending on what age your child/young person is.

Whilst it is good to look at the specific section for the particular age that your child/young person is, it is also worth looking at the other sections to think about what future opportunities exist.  This will help if your child/young person knows what they want to do as a job/career, as they and you will be able to look at what steps they will need to take to get to where they want to be.

To find out more information, useful contacts and important dates then please click here

If you need any further information or have any questions on anything you see on the website please contact 01634 338410.


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